The creative team of Salimi Design Studio believes that “Iran’s creative market is full of creative and professional forces”. Hence, it strives to promote healthy competition at the professional level.
We believe that correct and brief creativity brings the brand into the public culture and makes the brand name the subject of public conversation.
The conceptualization of the main concept of the campaign, the design of the name, the slogan and the writing of the promotional texts, the creation of TV, radio, conference and BTL scripts, the brainstorming of all graphic outputs, animated graphics and promotional gifts, creative digital content, online game design, etc can only be achieved by a team of creative, changing, and dynamic heterogeneous forces led by a more orderly, consistent, and precise team.
A team of Creativity Manager, Project Manager (Customer Representative) and Strategy Manager pack the appropriate ideas created between the brief and the deadline and present them to the client in the form of a proposal. The artistic director is responsible for the clean and professional execution of the idea to keep the output in the form of the CI Guide brand’s visual identity and the tone of the campaign.


An important branch of the studio is the creative design that shapes everything related to the image.
Graphic art workshops consist of activities such as art director, graphic design team, photographer, typographer and logo designer, 2D and 3D illustrator, storyboard and concept artist, packaging designer and photo editing specialist. They make up Salimi Design Studio.